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OROKIN is a family owned business originally founded in late 2018.


Our goal is to create stylish, sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives to every day single-use products. Our products are designed to go with you anywhere and everywhere – whether that be to the office, out for a picnic or climbing Mt Everest, we’ve got your back!


We truly hope that our products can reduce the waste going to our landfills. After moving from a heavily polluted country, to New Zealand, it was literally a breath of fresh air to live somewhere where you’re not afraid to inhale…air. New Zealand gave us so much, so starting a business that works towards keeping New Zealand clean and green was a no-brainer.


For our customers, we aim to bring affordable products that are sleek enough to fit into your every day routine, while giving you the added benefit of durability and safety.


Thank you for investing in our products – we hope you continue on this journey with us.